Brussels, Belgium Travel Information Guide
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Brussels, Belgium Travel Information Guide

Travel to Brussels, Belgium is made easy with this vacation planner. Getting to know about the country of Belgium will help tourists before even arriving at the destination.

Deciding on a Belgium vacation needs some planning along with help from someone who has been to that destination. My trip there can point you toward some sight seeing points you should not miss when you go to Brussels, Belgium.

History of the country of Belgium is easily researched, however not many people know specifics that would be interesting to tourists other than to the true historian or history buffs. Here you do your own studying on the subjects that you want to learn. One distinct and interesting fact is that everyone is expected to vote, it is mandatory, so the turnout is excellent. This is a country with a Parliamentary and constitutional monarchy under a king and prime minister. When one thinks of this country, Belgian chocolates and diamonds come to the mind with much of the other details of this land taking a back seat.

Look at the location on the map to see that Belgium is nestled between Germany, Luxembourg, France the Netherlands and the North Sea. With this information it is no wonder primary languages spoken are Dutch, German and French with a smattering of English.

Temperatures are not as subtle as you might expect with average January thermometers registering just under 38 degrees F. and July registering just under 65 degrees F.

Transportation to Belgium can be a selection between a cruise that brings you to the shores of this tiny country or by aircraft. Since there is so much to see in Belgium, cruise ships choose that as a port of call for the pleasure of many tourists. Many major airlines land in Brussels, which is the capital city of Belgium and a business capital as well. Ground transportation is available nearly 24 hours, with some limitations as to the modes available. Remember this is not your usual New York City, Paris or Las Vegas destination, so knowing your ground travel plans should be in place before you arrive. Private taxis, chauffeured cars, public train and buses are used for locals and tourists alike. Pedestrians walking , bikes and scooters are widely seen on the Brussels side streets along with horse drawn carriages. The latter forms of transportation are are in some parts of Brussels that have limited vehicular traffic, namely Bruges. The local government is trying hard to maintain the old world structure, prevent the environment from excess pollution and make the area esthetically pleasing too.

For the hiker, the Ardennes draw many to the caves, gorges and dense forest areas. Rock hounds will be enthralled with trekking the plateaus while enjoying the other environmental beauty of that area. For the botanist or horticulturist in you, the inland landscape will delight you with lush green, well irrigated spots not easily forgotten once visited.

Education is compulsory for all children from the age of 6 to 18 which report the 19th highest rate of education in the world. Local communities support and subsidize some formal, secular education for students. This is a country rich in commitment to educating their children.

Architecture is bountiful in Belgium dating back to hundreds of years of creative building. One such building is the Capitol building in Brussels. A day can be spent meandering through the museums with artwork that fill the visual senses well.

A strong industrialized region adds to the strength of the economy of Belgium making it the 15th largest trading nation. With some studying, you will be amazed at the items they import and export. Just one exceptional material is raw diamonds which are imported and then finished diamonds are exported. Seek out some time to go to the Diamond Museum to see a twinkle in your partner's eye.

Take some time to stroll the cobblestone streets of Bruges or even consider taking a horse drawn carriage ride for transportation and enjoyment as well. While there, you could walk to the market and hear the bells in the Belfry, which is an auditory gift to everyone who hears them. Waterloo is a short walk over a local walking bridge to fully go back in time to view the memorial of that battle with Napoleon.

Photograph is Brussels Capital Building in Belgium courtesy

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Beautiful work, Roberta. you have provided some great information.

Very comprehensive and detailed! Well-done.

I love these travel articles. Too bad that you don't have more photos to illustrate them with. When it comes to writing travel pieces, a picture truly is worth a thousand words.

Great information!

Useful guide. This will be very useful for travellers.

I have never been but my parents have and they liked it.

sounds like a nice travel place

you hit it on the nail...Brussels is one of the most assortive of cities, during my travels, I enjoy not only the landscapes, communities and history but the cusines were to die for especially the CHOCOLATES!!!!

Nice informative article. Very interesting. Voted up.

Thanks for a superb tour. There's some great architecture in Brussels.

Thanks for the grand tour Roberta..